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About Us

Opening up a local, artisan, kosher butcher shop was the natural next step for Israel and Nomi Feuerstein. Israel, “The Butcher” and Nomi, “The Rabbi’s Daughter” met on a blind date. Beyond the obvious immediate attraction, the two realized they shared a similar family background that focused on a strong sense of community, the importance of family unity and FOOD.  Most, if not all family and friendly get-togethers happened around the table; whether that was for Shabbat or Jewish holiday lunch or dinners, birthdays, celebrations or just to experiment with another way to cook a brisket. Food is such an important component of family life and memories, but the inspiration of that experience is about the art of preparation and an appreciation for quality food that pleases the palate and feeds the soul. 

Israel has 10 years of experience as a butcher and loves to “talk meat.”  Nomi, with experience in interior design, jokingly suggested that he stop talking and open his own shop! So, Israel replied, “Fine. I’ll build it. You design it.” RABBI’S DAUGHTER is a collaboration of two creative opposites who want to share their passion for quality meat with you.

We look forward to seeing you at the shop!